Choosing the Right Size Cabinet Handles for Wardrobe Doors

Selecting the perfect handles for your wardrobe doors is key to both aesthetics and functionality. While it may seem simple, carefully considering size, style, grip, door weight and other factors is required to find the ideal handles. Follow this guide to learn how to measure wardrobe doors correctly and choose handles that are proportional, ergonomic and durable.

Burlington Piccadilly Pull Handle
Wide shot of our Burlington Picadilly Pull Handles in Satin Brass on a beautiful dark navy wardrobe
Burlington Picadilly Pull Handle Satin Brass
 Close up shot of our Burlington Picadilly Pull Handles in Satin Brass on a beautiful dark navy wardrobe
Burlington Picadilly Cabinet Handle BUR140SB

The size of the handle should match the scale of the door itself for visual balance. Tiny handles on oversized doors look out of place. Similarly, large handles can appear clunky on narrow doors. Standard interior handle sizes range from 32mm on the smaller side to 128mm for wider doors. 64mm and 96mm options are popular for average-width doors. 

Beyond basic size, the shape and style of handles matter too. Choose a shape that aligns with the overall wardrobe design. Straight, rectangular handles give a clean, modern look. Arched or rounded handles provide a more classic style. Loop handles have a retro charm. Go for plain metal finishes like brushed nickel or chrome for contemporary wardrobes, or antique brass or bronze for traditional designs.

Consider the grip and ergonomics of the handle shape as well. Contoured, cylindrical or grooved handles allow for comfortable gripping and control when operating the door. Textured surfaces add extra friction to improve grip. Extend the lever arm to increase torque for stiff doors.

The weight and width of the door also impact the ideal handle size. Heavier or wider doors require more substantial handles with greater projection from the door surface for leverage. Lightweight doors can work with smaller handles and less projection. Measure door thickness and account for any trim or moulding when calculating the projection. Also, read the How To Change Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles?

Personal style is also a major factor when picking wardrobe handles. Narrow your selection to 2-3 sizes and styles that work with your decor. Collect inspiration photos to hone in on your preferred finish and designs before purchasing.

Measuring Doors to Find the Right Handles 

Accurately measuring your wardrobe doors is crucial for identifying handles that fit properly. Follow these steps:


  1. Measure door width in 3 spots - top, middle and bottom. Use the smallest width.
  2. Measure door height in 3 spots - left, right and middle. Use the smallest height. 
  3. Measure door thickness edge to edge. Account for any trim.
  4. Measure any cutouts or grooves for the handle.


Use a steel tape measure and metal callipers for precise measurements. For projection, hold handles up to doors to visualise the fit.

Handle Installation Tips

Once you've purchased suitable handles, use these tips for a smooth installation:

- Mark holes using a template, checking alignment. Man installing pull handles onto a cabinet

- Drill pilot holes before fitting screws to prevent splitting.

- Use reinforced screws designed for the door material.

- Position handles equidistant from edges and cutouts.  

- Ensure handles align horizontally by using a spirit level.

- Take care not to overtighten screws and damage the surface.

- Seek professional assistance for complicated handle installations.

Recommended Handle Sizes 

Refer to this handy table matching common interior door sizes with ideal handle sizes and styles:

Door Size - Handle Size - Handle Style

24" door - 64mm - Curved end handle

32" door - 96mm - Rectangular straight handle 

36" door - 128mm - Grooved loop handle

42" door - 96-128mm - Industrial pipe handle

48" door - 128mm - Flat bar handle

For narrow 24-30" doors, slim 32 or 64mm handles work well. Size up to 96 or 128mm handles for wider 36-42" doors. Very wide 48-60" doors may require extra long custom handles. Consider your door size when deciding on design elements like bevelled edges, inset panels and moulding when choosing wardrobe handles.

In summary, take door size, style, weight and personal taste all into account when selecting the perfect wardrobe handles. Carefully measure doors and handles to achieve the right fit and proportions. With the right handles installed, your wardrobe doors will look fabulous and function smoothly for years. Check out our full range of Pull Handles below.

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