Most Stylish and Popular Kitchen Cabinet Handles in the UK 2024

When designing a kitchen, people often look at the big important pieces such as appliances, cabinets, fridges, and so on. However, it’s the small details that add up and create a beautiful finish for your kitchen in 2024.

That’s where parts such as kitchen cabinet handles come in handy. They aren’t immediately noticeable when you look at photographs of your dream kitchen, but take them away and you’ll get that feeling in the back of your mind that something is missing.

Kitchen cabinet handles can have a surprising impact on your entire kitchen, especially if you’re going for a particular design or style. Be it a sleek ultra-modern design or a more rustic and vintage look, we’ve got a wide variety of kitchen cabinet handles that would be the perfect addition to any new or existing kitchen setup.

So let’s take a look at some of the most popular kitchen cupboard handles on offer in the UK!


HOX450SB Sturt Cabinet Handles in Satin Brass on white kitchen cabinetry

Hoxton Sturt Cabinet Handles


1. Cup pulls

Cup pulls have a semi-circle shape that often resembles an upside-down cup, hence the name. These are a bit more noticeable than most handle styles, and it’s mainly because of the amount of space they take up.

These Jedo Drawer Pulls are a great example of a cup pull that looks simple, elegant, and stylish. Made from premium solid materials, they’re built for durability and can transform any kitchen with a luxurious look. They’re straightforward to install, with a couple of screws, and their neutral colour and finish can make them fit into any decor.

You can pick them in two different sizes, and you have the option of a brass, satin chrome, or polished chrome finish. We particularly love the polished chrome look as it gives off a beautiful shine that can contrast with matte or wooden kitchen cabinets.

2. Bar Pulls

As the name suggests, a bar pull is a simple kitchen cabinet handle that looks like a bar. It’s usually connected to the cabinet with two smaller bars. These cabinet handles are sometimes known as T-bar handles due to their iconic look.

Bar pulls are versatile because they can be used in any orientation, meaning they’re perfect for side-opening kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers as well. This makes it a great option for people who are looking to create a consistent look across their entire kitchen by using the same cabinet handles.

If you’re someone that likes to keep the kitchen spick and span, then you’ll be glad to know that bar pulls are one of the easier kitchens handles to clean thanks to how simple their construction is.

Our Stainless Steel T Bar Cabinet Handles come in loads of different sizes, and you get a choice of satin or polished stainless steel. These are timeless kitchen cabinet handles that are simple to install and offer lots of customization options, making them fantastic for any kind of kitchen design.

3. Boss Bars

Similar to bar pulls, boss bars (sometimes known as boss bar pulls) are a type of kitchenLISCIO cabinet handle that involves a long bar that is gripped and pulled on to open the cabinet or drawer. However, unlike regular bar pulls, these handles are often connected to the cabinet at the ends of the bar.

A great example of a boss bar design is this Liscio Cabinet Handle. The shape is sleek and curved, offering some contemporary vibes that are perfect for newer and more modern homes. It’s great for futuristic settings and comes in several different sizes. You get a choice of a nickel or chrome finish to fit your ideal kitchen design as well.

4. Bow Pulls

Named due to their resemblance to a bow, these handles exude an elegant design thanks to the curved arch shape. It’s a timeless and sophisticated design that is generally reserved for more old-fashioned kitchens with a vintage feel, but they’re still surprisingly versatile and can be used in a wide range of kitchen designs.

Their arched shape makes them comfortable and easy to grip with either a few fingers or your entire hand. They only require two screws to install, so you won’t need to spend much time fitting them into every kitchen cabinet that you have.

Our Valley Forge Bow Handles are a great pick for any kitchen, but they look best in a rustic-feeling vintage kitchen due to the finishes we have on offer.


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