What Are Door Handles Made Of? 6 Interesting Materials

Door handles and their designs vary greatly from country to country and according to the house's interior designs. They are usually made out of durable materials like brass, stainless steel, or bronze. Choosing the right material for them is pretty important as it serves as the main component of house aesthetics.

There are materials like stainless steel that are shiny and durable, and also there are some with a royal look and good finish, brass. Therefore, it is always a matter of preference when choosing the right door handles for your house that are durable and functional. 

However, it is important to know what are door handles made of to know about their functionality, durability, and even the cleaning process. So let's jump right into this article and explore what are some types of door handle materials and how they are used to make a door handle or a knob.

3 Different Kinds Of Door Handles

Many door handles are made out of unique materials nowadays. However, 3 of the durable yet most used kinds of door handles are as follows:

  1. Modern Door Handles

    Usually made out of stainless steel, these have either a lever or a knob, depending on an individual's preference. These are aesthetic and smooth in their functionality. They not only give a clean look to the house but are also sleek, which provides a good user experience.

  2. Smart Door Handles
    If house security is a major concern for you, a smart door handle would be life-saving. It uses either a keypad password or a fingerprint scan to lock and unlock the doors. It is also made of stainless steel, which is the most sold and liked material for door handles. You could also buy them in brass, which gives them a shiny and royal look.
  3. Keyed Door Handle

    This is the traditional kind of door handle used in households all over the world. It uses a key to lock the doors. It is best for maintaining the privacy of the house. It provides access only to the owner or the person who has the key to the door handle.

6 Common Materials Used To Make Door Handles

Many combinations of materials and metals are used to make the door handles that are used in houses all across the globe. Some of them are durable but not unique, while others are unique but not that durable. Thus, some of the best  materials are listed below:

  • Brass


If you want to give the house a royal yet golden feel, then using a brass door handle with a combination of other luxury household products would be the best decision. Brass handles are not only durable but also resistant to corrosion, providing a glossy look to the door.

If you are wondering how to clean a brass door handle (How to clean brass door handle), it is pretty easy. Just a soft cloth will do the job. You could also buy different polishes from the market and apply them to it for even a more shinier look. 

  • Stainless Steel


If you are on a budget and want to find door handles that are not only cheap but also durable, stainless steel door handles would be the best choice. However, some of their designs are quite expensive, but you could also go with the cheaper ones.

Stainless steel is the most common material that is used to make the door knobs. It is also shiny and polishable, like the brass door handles. Also, unlike the door handles made out of brass, the stainless door handles are available in finishes like brushed, satin, and even polished.

  • Plastic

Among the door handles made out of the most durable materials like steel and brass, some door knobs are also made out of plastic. It is not a good idea for them for household use. However, they could be used in cheaper settings that are temporary.

The plastic is prone to heat and is not very durable. It could easily be damaged and doesn't seem appealing or stylish compared to modern door handles. These are not very common and are also hard to find in the market.

  • Aluminum


If you like Matt's finishes, you can choose aluminum door handles. They are not as shiny as steel or brass door handles but have the same durability. One of the unique features of them is that they are pretty light and smooth in their texture.

An interesting fact is that aluminum door handles can be easily anodized to get different finishes. They are rare but could be used in commercial or contemporary settings. However, they cannot be polished like stainless steel door handles.

  • Alloys


With the advancement in technology, newer alloys with better durability and finishes are introduced in the market, and so are the products made out of them. One such type of door handle material is zinc alloy. They are the best option if you want to be cost-effective.

The best advantage of having zinc alloy door handles is that they feel like expensive materials like bronze or steel but are much cheaper. You could also coat them with chrome or nickel to give them a unique look that matches your home's aesthetics.

  • Bronze

Bronze, one of the oldest materials used to make household utensils, is also used to make door handles. When used in these, bronze provides a classic yet elegant feel to the house.

A unique fact is that bronze door handles develop a unique patina over time and are resistant to corrosion, which makes them durable. However, compared to other materials, bronze door handles are pretty expensive and difficult to use in commercial and household settings.


So, what are door handles made of? These are mostly made out of durable materials like brass, stainless steel, and even plastic. These materials have different properties and are used for various furniture types within a household. The above article discusses some kinds of door handles and the most used materials they are made of. It also lists the materials used in them that increase your home's aesthetics.


What metal is used to make a door handle?

Many materials are used to make the door handles. From stainless steel and alloys to even plastic, they are in their manufacturing materials. Therefore, it is totally the buyer's choice to select door handles made out of the best yet most durable materials like brass or stainless steel.

Is there any best material to make a door handle?

Yes, waxed brass might be the best material for a door handle as it provides a shiny look and retains it for a longer period. On the other hand, if you want a more durable option with a decent finish, stainless steel door handles remain an option, too.

Can I use aluminum door handles?

Yes, you can choose door handles made of aluminum. However, it is different from the typical choice when it comes to the most durable door handle, but it does the job. Aluminum is less durable than stainless steel. Therefore, it is always recommended to consider the durability and functionality of a door handle before buying it.

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