How Much Are Composite Fitted Doors In The Uk? A Guide

Composite doors have gained popularity, among UK homeowners serving as protectors for their properties. What is the actual cost of these doors? The price range for doors typically falls between £550 and £2,500. On average you can expect to pay £1,500 to £1,600 for the door itself while installation fees can vary from £600 to £1,000 depending on your budget.

In this article we will delve into the benefits, options available and most importantly the costs associated with doors. Our intention is to provide you with educational information that will empower you to make a decision when it comes to purchasing a composite door fitted specifically for your home.

What Are Composite Doors

What exactly are composite doors? These doors have become a choice among UK homeowners due to their durability and energy efficiency. They are crafted using a combination of materials such as wood, PVC ( chloride) and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). This clever amalgamation ensures that composite doors remain highly resilient against weather conditions without warping, cracking or fading over time.

Furthermore apart, from their durability aspects mentioned earlier composite doors also offer insulation properties. This means they effectively keep homes warm while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

When it comes to the pricing of doors the cost can vary depending on factors, like size, design and additional features. On average homeowners can expect to pay £600 to £1,500 for a door that includes installation. It's important to note that the fitted price of a door falls within the range of £600 to £1,000.

External Composite Door

Why Are Composite Doors Popular?

Composite doors have become increasingly popular in years for some reasons. Here's why they are well-liked;

Durability and Strength; Composite doors are constructed using a combination of materials such as wood, PVC and insulating foam. This ensures their ability to withstand the test of time by resisting warping, twisting and bowing.

Enhanced Security; Due to their construction composite doors offer resistance against break-ins compared to traditional wooden doors. Many models also feature locking mechanisms that provide homeowners with added peace of mind.

Thermal Efficiency; The insulation properties of doors make them highly efficient, at retaining heat and keeping air out. This not only helps save energy but also creates a comfortable living environment.

Composite doors are available, in a variety of colours, designs and finishes making it easy to match them with any home. They have the charm of doors but without the hassle of regular maintenance. Unlike doors that need painting or varnishing composite doors require upkeep and can be kept looking fresh with just a simple wipe-down.

Types of Composite Doors

There are types of doors to cater to various preferences and needs. Let's break them down;

  1. Core Doors; These doors have a timber core that offers exceptional strength and durability. They tend to be heavier compared to types providing insulation and security.
  2. Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) Doors; Crafted from a combination of fibreglass and durable resin GRP doors are resistant to scratches, dents and harsh weather conditions. They can imitate the natural wood grain appearance for an appeal to timber while eliminating the need for extensive maintenance.
  3. Foam Core Doors; These doors feature a foam core that makes them lightweight yet thermally efficient. Homeowners who prioritise energy savings often opt for these doors.

Composite doors truly offer a solution for those seeking both aesthetics and functionality, in their homes.

Fire Composite Doors; These doors are specifically designed to offer protection, against fire by incorporating fire materials into their core. They are crucial for properties where prioritising enhanced fire safety is necessary.

Wooden Doors; These doors have a design that allows the top and bottom halves to operate independently. This feature enables ventilation while ensuring the safety of children and pets inside.

Contemporary Composite Doors; Emphasising design elements these doors often showcase lines, vibrant colours and minimalist hardware.

Traditional Composite Doors; With their resemblance to door designs these doors are an excellent choice for homes with a more traditional or heritage aesthetic.

Composite Door Prices

The prices of doors can vary based on factors, including material costs and installation expenses. When considering material costs the type and quality of the material used impact the overall price.

Cost of Materials;

When evaluating the cost of fitted doors in the UK it is vital to consider high-quality materials price. The choice of material greatly influences durability and aesthetic appeal. Here are some essential considerations;

UPVC Doors;

UPVC is an option due, to its affordability and low maintenance requirements.

These doors come in a selection of colours to cater to design preferences.

Wooden Doors; Wooden doors provide a sophisticated appearance. They are known for their durability and ability to withstand weather conditions. However, they may require maintenance compared to materials.

Lasting materials; Investing in quality long-lasting materials ensures that the installed doors will endure without frequent repairs or replacements.

Installation Costs

When considering the cost of installing a door it's important to consider the security and benefits it offers. Composite doors are renowned for their durability and strength making them an excellent choice, for homeowners seeking security.

The locking mechanism on doors is often more advanced than that of doors providing increased protection against break-ins.

Regarding installation costs providing a price guide is challenging as it can vary based on factors such as door size, installation complexity and property location. However on average installation costs for doors in the UK typically range from £600 to £1000.

Benefits of Installing a Composite Door

Installing a door brings numerous advantages for homeowners. Here are some great advantages to consider when installing a door;

  1. Variety of colours; Composite doors come in an array of colours allowing homeowners to select a design that perfectly matches the aesthetic of their home.
  2. Security; Composite doors are constructed using materials, like GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and timber making them highly resistant to break-ins. They also feature locking systems for added security.
  3. Energy efficiency; Composite doors possess insulation properties reducing heat loss and ensuring homes stay warm during the winter months. This can result in energy bills and a comfortable living environment.
  4. Cost investment; Although composite doors may have an initial cost compared to other door options their long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance requirements make them a financially smart choice in the long run.

External Composite Black Door With Knockers and Centre Knobs

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Aesthetics and Curb Appeal

Composite doors lend a touch. Enhance the overall appearance of any home with their extensive range of beautiful colours and designs. These doors are available in colours that can perfectly complement any style whether it be traditional or modern. The contemporary colour options provide homeowners with an opportunity to create an eye-catching entrance, for their home.

Composite doors are crafted using a blend of materials such, as uPVC, wood and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) ensuring strength and longevity. These doors also offer locking systems that prioritise security and peace of mind. Moreover, they can be customised with glass panels to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Worthwhile Investment for Your Home's Future Value

Investing in doors is a choice for your home's future value. Here's why they are considered an investment;

  1. Enhanced Security; Composite doors are renowned for their security features. They come equipped with bolts and multiple locking mechanisms providing homeowners with reassurance, about the safety of their property.
  2. Energy Efficiency; With escalating energy costs homeowners prioritise energy efficiency. Composite doors are designed to be highly insulated reducing heat loss and lowering energy bills.
  3. Increased Property Value; Not only do composite doors enhance the appeal of your home but they also contribute to its overall durability. This boosts curb appeal. Ultimately increases the value of your property in the run.
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