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Exterior Doors: Your Path to Long-Lasting Home Entrances

Our homes are the most sacred places in our lives, and the doorway through which we enter is the most revered component of any sanctuary. Doors on the exterior of our homes serve as more than just a functional necessity; they are also the defenders of our homes' value and longevity. In this extensive blog post, we set out on a journey to understand the significance of choosing exterior doors that will last for a long time, beginning with the fundamentals. We are going to talk about durable materials, and the factors that contribute to their lifespan, shed some light on the significance of durability and throw in some helpful selection advice, Blue door with cacti on the side  pen_spark


The Importance of Investing in Durable External Doors

When it comes to exterior doors, durability is more than just a buzzword; instead, it is an essential requirement that must be expertly thought through before purchasing. When we purchase a home, one of our primary concerns is finding investments that will be able to weather the test of time. This process begins at the home's primary entrance. External doors that we should be considering should be built to last and do more than just ensure our safety; they also raise the value of our homes and improve their aesthetic appeal overall.

Materials That Have Been Designed With Longevity In Mind


Wooden Exterior Doors 

Exterior doors made of wood are a beautiful design choice but don't fair so well in a test of durability. They also customise in an unending manner. Solid oak or mahogany is a good choice for exterior door material. Other popular woods include alder and cedar.

You can highlight the natural wood grain of your door by painting or staining it to make it match the rest of your house. If you change your mind, wood doors can be sanded down and refinished. Doors made of wood can be carved and sculpted by hand.

The heaviness of dense wood doors is the primary disadvantage of using them. Over time, the door might start to sag. Additionally, it should stay out of direct sunlight. The majority of people choose to install storm doors. A wooden door can be preserved with the addition of a glass storm door. 

Steel Exterior Doors

Consider installing an exterior door made of steel if you place a high priority on both safety and low upkeep costs.

Doors made of steel are both durable and well-insulated. They can be painted to match the decor of your home. Doors made of steel will not warp or deteriorate over time.

There are a few disadvantages associated with steel entry doors. If you decide to go with one, you have to carefully measure it. Nothing can be removed from steel doors by shaving them. Steel is resistant to the effects of the weather, but it can be dented. Steel in its most basic form rusts very quickly, stainless steel doors can prevent rust but will come at a cost to your bank account!


Aluminium Exterior Doors

Aluminium doors are durable and require very little maintenance. Exterior doors made entirely of aluminium are not very common, but storm and patio doors with aluminium frames are quite common. Easy on the frame and good for the environment.


Fibreglass Exterior Doors

Exterior doors made of fibreglass are a popular alternative option due to their longevity, ease of maintenance, and variety of design options. If the upkeep of solid wood doors is too much for you, you might want to consider fibreglass. A very satisfying middle ground.

The finishes on fibreglass doors are closer to nature than those of other materials. You can colour them if you decide to go in a different direction with your design. Fibreglass doors can turn yellow over time, but you can easily coat them, so don't let that deter you from installing them, they are popular for a reason

Vinyl Exterior Doors

Vinyl is not only budget-friendly but also requires little to no upkeep. Vinyl, much like aluminium, is not typically utilised for the construction of solid exterior doors. The framing material of patio and storm doors is typically made of vinyl. 


Improving Longevity Beyond Material Considerations

The material you choose for your exterior door is an essential factor in determining how long it will last, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. In this section, we'll look at factors other than the materials that make up your door that affect its durability.


1. The Quality of the Construction:

External doors require excellent craftsmanship in addition to a solid structure. Doors with a solid construction tend to last longer. Good doors come from reputable manufacturers who pay close attention to detail and maintain strict quality control. The performance of a door over a long period is dependent on careful assembly, strengthened joints, and the construction of a sturdy frame.


2. Resistance to the elements:

Doors on the exterior of a building are subject to the elements, including the sun, rain, and in some regions, snow and ice. Doors that are weatherproofed are more durable. Included are weatherstripping and finishing that is both durable and effective, as well as improved sealing. Doors that are more resistant to rust, warping, and moisture will last significantly longer.


3. Proper installation:

Even the strongest door can be compromised if it is not installed correctly. Installing something incorrectly results in structural issues, air leaks, and possibly even water seepage. Installing your doors should be done by either trained professionals or experienced do-it-yourselfers who carefully follow all factory instructions. A door that has been installed correctly functions well and experiences less wear.


4. Routine Maintenance:

Exterior doors last longer with proper maintenance. When performed regularly, maintenance and inspections can identify potential problems before they become major issues. This includes cleaning, resealing, painting, and checking the hardware for any damage. If you take care of wear and tear right away, you can prevent minor problems from developing into major repairs.


Safeguards for Consideration:

Door security is frequently confused with door safety, but it can also affect door durability. Locks, deadbolts, and strike plates made of good quality all contribute to an increased level of security and door strength. A sturdy door that provides adequate protection can both discourage would-be burglars and withstand an attempt at forcible entry.

When selecting an exterior door and performing maintenance on it, these factors can have an impact on the door's longevity. If you look beyond the surface material of the door and take into account the other factors that have been discussed, you can ensure that it will last as long as the rest of your house.

Exterior door

The Enduring Legacy of Lasting Exterior Doors

To conclude, Installing a brand-new exterior door is not too difficult. It can be completed in one day and requires very little effort, but the payoff is substantial.

Be sure to get an insulated model of a steel or fibreglass door if that's the kind of door you end up purchasing. It may cost a little more up-front, but you will reap the rewards by securing lower monthly bills for your energy consumption. Additionally, it will make your entryway cosier when returning home on cold days and nights.

Investigate the possibility of purchasing a wood veneer external door if you have your heart set on a door made of genuine wood but can't afford it. These doors have been strengthened by having a strong core. Doors made of wood veneer are actually less likely to deform over time than doors made of solid wood, simply because they are not solid wood! Additionally, they offer superior insulation.

Selecting the right exterior door that stands against the tests of time is half the job, make sure to browse through Frelan Hardware's extensive catalogue of external door furniture such as knockers, numerals, hinges and spyholes to add style and functionality to your exterior door.

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