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The front door is the face of your home. It’s the most recognisable feature that everyone will be drawn to when they walk by or come over. Therefore, it makes sense to create a fantastic front door that wows everyone and improves the exterior appeal of your home. Thankfully, we have a fantastic range of front door accessories that’ll elevate your entryway to new levels. 

Go Bold With Polished Brass Finishes

Adding a splash of gold to your front door is a bold way of making it stand out from the crowd. Gold is a very complimentary colour that goes with lots of other base colours. It’s ideal for white doors, blue doors, yellow doors, red doors, black doors and many more. 

We’ve got a range of products in a polished brass finish, creating a beautiful golden look. This includes the effortlessly stylish Jedo Bayswater Front Door Centre Knob. It’s a gorgeous front door knob that sits in the middle of the door and acts as a statement piece. 

Jedo Bayswater Front Door Centres

We also have some beautiful front door numerals that go perfectly with a gold front door knob. Something like the Jedo Front Door Pin Fix Numerals will match your knob and bring a new sense of style to your entryway. 

If you don’t like the idea of polished brass/gold, both of these products are available in polished chrome or satin chrome. The former stands out and shines for all to see, bringing more of a modern feel to your door knob and numbers. The latter is a more muted finish that’s ideal if you have a colourful front door and want its design to do all the talking. Number '8' Door Pin Fix Numerals


Enjoy Contemporary Style With A Front Door Pull Handle

Door knobs are more traditional, so what if you’d like to create a contemporary front door? Here, we recommend a front door pull handle that adds a modern touch to your exterior design. Our stunning Three One Six Diamond Front Door Pull Handles are ideal for this as they feature a fresh design that works brilliantly with modern door designs. 

Three One Six Diamond Front Door Pull Handle

Available in Gun Metal or Black, this gorgeous door handle elongates the door frame and helps you create a grand entrance. It’s made from grade 316 stainless steel too, so it stands up to the elements and is ideal for repetitive use. The textured grip in the middle of this front door pull handle makes it easy to grasp and effortless to pull open. 

Having a pull door also means you save space inside your entryway as you don’t need to accommodate a door swinging it. This leaves more room for things like shoe racks or other furniture, while also ensuring your door doesn’t drip water or dirt onto your entrance hall floor! 

Improve Practicality And Style With An Ornate Front Door Knocker

Front doors are often left with a lot of empty space, meaning they sometimes feel very bare and incomplete. Bring more style elements to your main entrance point with a fabulous front door knocker. 

We have a range of styles available, including the Jedo Ring Door Knockers (left) or the Jedo Scroll Door Knockers (right). 

Jedo Black Front Door KnockerJedo Scroll Door Knocker

Both have unique styles that suit different front doors. A ring knocker adequately compliments a traditional or classic door design. It acts as a statement piece in the centre of the door, drawing eyes to your home. A scroll knocker is slightly more subtle and classy, meaning it works best on contemporary house designs. In both cases, you get an accessory that adds style and substance to your front door. They improve the practicality, giving visitors a fun way to announce themselves. 

No front door is complete without suitable accessories. You need a door handle or knob to make the entryway practical while adding numerical features or a door knocker can round the whole thing out. Feel free to shop our range of exquisite front door accessories to find all of the products mentioned above. You can specify different finishes or sizes to create an accessory that’s perfect for your front door. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to curate a front door design that makes a long-lasting impression and adds a nice touch of charm to your property. 

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